An interview driven multi documentary series that tells individual stories of photographers around the world who focus on unique photo projects. The program is presented and created by Dutch solo overland traveller and documentary maker Wendy de Boer. She joins photo team ups with these photographers, which also derives its title. Together with an instantly built team of local filmmakers and editors she sets out and documents their photo projects with a focus on “photography for change”.
‘Full of proud and with gratitude I would like to inform you that I recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to ‘Kickstart’ my filmproject ‘Wendy – Shoot with a Local’ in our ‘new world’ After a nerve-racking and intensely exiting period of 30 days the campaign has reached 111% funding. This is such a milestone and I am so grateful for all the love and support I have reached. My loyal followers and the community around me gave me new tools in hands to continue recording new documentaries and tell stories of ‘the pearls’ in our society. If you would like to read, view and learn more about the philosophy behind this intercultural film project and if you need inspiration on how to fund a creative project please do press the link above. Although donations for the project through Kickstarter are no longer possible the campaign page is still accessible. 


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Donations for the project are no longer possible through Kickstarter, but if you would like to support the project
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Foto by: Anne Weidinger
Foto by: Anne Weidinger

My name is Wendy de Boer, born in 1975 in Alkmaar, in the Netherlands. I was a flight attendant for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for 20 years. In 2016, in addition to my job, I entered a part-time photography course at the photo academy in Amsterdam. Soon after that I funded my project Shoot with a Local in June 2017. I meet photographers but also filmmakers around the world, who focus on unique photo and film projects. I join photo team ups with them. Together we learn about photography, filmmaking, culture, global themes and above all we learn about the world as it is today. 


The compelling stories the photographers entrusted me with and the meaningful photo projects they introduced me to, inspired me to record our special encounters. This has resulted in 8 film documentaries so far.


People around me easily give me the label of photographer or filmmaker and a darious woman, who travels the world with her car ‘Hopper’ named after her Rooftop tent. But I would prefer to describe myself as a talent scout with a camera in search for social change makers with a camera. 


Wendy – Shoot with a Local is an intercultural film project in which I would like to give a voice to photographers, but also filmmakers, who dedicate all their love and time to bridge the gap between those who have a voice and those who need one. This is not just another travel-photography video vlog series to show only the beauty and perfection of this world, but with this documentary series, I set out to explore the driving forces behind creators who are a role model in our westernized countries. It’s important to me to show how photographers and filmmakers create work that questions our vision and understanding of the world.


The reason why I gave up my life in The Netherlands in November 2019 is that I felt a strong need to a deeper commitment to my life’s project and develop it to the next level of storytelling. 


Like for most of us, the pandemic has been a very transformative time for me and my project as well. Therefore I had to go back to the drawing table and design an new film format to be able to continue to making the film documentaries in our ‘New World’

You will find all info about it in my upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. please follow me there and support me if you can. 


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Nowadays all social media channels are controlled by algorithms. They determine whether you will see my new work in you daily feed or not. To keep me away from becoming a social media ‘slave’ and to avoid the necessity to spend too much time on social media and writing e-mails and blogs to try to break through algorithms and SEO formulae in order to be seen, I decided to communicate with you in a different way. I am so ready to build up a community of ‘real’ loyal followers of the project and make exclusive and sometimes very personal content available only for them. 
From now on I will share updates and more exclusive content with my Loyal followers and Kickstarter backers. Don’t get me wrong I will stay connected with all my followers (also on my social media channels) but the ones who support me via my crowdfunding pages will definitely get exclusive content, the opportunity to connect with me and I will highlight the deeper aspects of the journey and what’s involved in the filmmaking process.
It’s a win win for all of us. You can enjoy the rewards, updates, specially made content for you and you may find inspiration and even learn something where as I can continue to bring the project to the next level of storytelling by involving local creators to help me. 
By supporting my film project through a small contribution you can show your gratitude and admiration for my work and give me constructive feedback and you even can become part of the team too.
It’s just a great acknowledgment of my time, effort and bravery to follow my passion and make a difference in this world!