I am going to be straight forward with you. I am reaching out for your help!
 What I am reaching out for is to ask you to share your knowledge ,experience and skills with me. 
All with the aim of helping me to hold on and bring the Shoot with a Local project to a next level of a storytelling documentary series and shed light on the most interesting and inspiring photographers and creators. 



Although I prepared this overland tour thoroughly and despite having been able to build up quite a massive network myself, I am always open for new recommendations and tips which can help me to meet the most vulnerable and dedicated creators. On top of that if I want to survive and accomplish my mission in a safe and healthy way, I need your expertise and guidance too. It might be needless to say this again, but I am doing this all by myself. I am my own worse boss;-) and I travel solo. Many times I have wished I had 6 pair of extra hands and 24 more hours a day to help me to carry out the project. There is so much work involved in preparing, producing and promoting the films. So therefore I would like to ask you to become a Shoot with a Local investigator. 




– Do you know photographers, filmmakers and other creators who stand out from the crowd by using their projects for a greater goal?
– Do you know that one person who dedicates all his or her time time to make a difference for the less fortunate people in this world?
– Do you know creators who shed light on social and environmental themes?
– Do you know creators who immortalize history?
– Do you know someone with a backgarden or space where I may park HOPPER to stay over night?
– Do you know the best apps to find low budget places to stay over night, preferably not in cities?
– Do you know these secret beautiful little hidden gems off grid where I can camp free in nature?


– Any other tips for accommodation and free camping at a safe place are welcome.


– In order to reach as many people as possible with my videos I would like to upload the subtitles in different languages ​​on youtube.
– I can use google translate myself, but the translation will not be a hundred percent accurate.
– I would like to ask those who are willing to help me and who like ‘languages’ in general, if they want to check the subtitles for possible errors. 



– I am still looking for the right sponsor who is willing to help me to bring the Shoot with a Local concept to the next level without them wanting to change the project’s soul too much.
– Any tips? Please help me! Do you know anybody in the media industry, broadcasters magazines, television shows, newspapers who might be interested in the story of Shoot with a Local?
– I am working on a crowdfund campaign. Do you have experience with it and are you willing to share your story?
– Do you know the most beautiful scenic routes I shouldn’t miss?
– Do you know any off road tracks I should follow?
– Do you have any tips about crossing  borders with a Dutch car?
– Do you know reliable garages on the way where I can maintain HOPPER?
– Any other tips to avoid getting lost and get the most out of my overland journey?
– Do you like cooking? I don’t! Do you know the easiest healthy and practical dishes to cook on the way. Throw me the recipe.
– Are there any local dishes on the way you think I shouldn’t miss? Preferably healthy.
– Do you have any tips how I can keep my body fit on the way? Unfortunately I couldn’t bring my Dutch bike 😉
– Any tips for yoga apps, meditation and other simple exercises? (preferably free apps)



I usually don’t ask for help that easily because I have learned to take responsibility for what I am doing. Already from a young age I am used to living quite an independent life. On top of that I have felt the urge to push myself and test the limits of  what I am capable of and I assure you I have learned so much in the last three years. From now on I have decided to give up that tough attitude towards myself and I am asking  you to help me and give me that extra hand I do miss so much sometimes. Especially now in times of Covid-19.
Since I started up Shoot with a Local I invested all my time, energy and money in this for me oh so important non profit personal initiative. I truly believe that when we use our passion and creative projects to connect with others and shed light on social and environmental issues, we can change the course of the world. My mission is to connect with those creators who make a significant difference for our world through their valuable projects. By documenting their story I try to focus attention on the beautiful initiatives to which they are so committed. I initially started to meet photographers, but on the way I found out that there are so many different kind of art forms you can use to create a positive change. So I am open to meet anybody who dedicates all his or her time for a greater cause. So besides teaming up with photographers I would love to team up with filmmakers, painters, musicians, cooks, anyone who can relate. 


For those who prove to be my most loyal supporters don’t be surprised if I offer you the chance for one week off grid road tripping with me! More details will follow soon!


Also 1 to 1 Skype sessions and private chat sessions could be one of the rewards. Just let me know how I can help you in return!