Help me to push my Kickstarter campaign to it’s final goal and contribute via the Kickstarter link above if you can. If for some reason that doesn’t work out for you, I would be very grateful to receive your donations via the secured transfer links below. 

With all of 2020’s surprises and roadblocks (COVID-19 included), I have stayed the course. I went back to the drawing board and reworked how I could move forward with production safely, both for me and the local creators I am going to work with. If this last year has proven anything to me it is that nothing will stop me; I overcame many setbacks and my resolve to see my project through to its ultimate potential is still so vivid.

Having already completed 8 documentaries, I’ve discovered that one of my greatest obstacles moving forward will be limited financial resources to complete high quality documentaries and pay filmmakers and editors for their work.

My deepest gratitude goes out to those who have volunteered to help me with some of the tasks till now but it’s hard to rely on voluntary contributions of people. It would really help me if I could pay and even hire my team members. Especially the local creators who haven’t been able to work for a long time due to the pandemic deserve a chance to become part of this project too.

On top of that to make sure I reach as many people as possible to bring this project to the masses, I will have to beat algorithms and SEO formulae and put a lot of time and money into promotion and marketing tools. 



 No worries, the fact that you are reading along is already awesome! Thank you so much for your time and interest in the project.
There are many other ways to help me out to run this mission. For example you can
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Nowadays content creators are all dependent on supporters and fans on social media. The more people follow you, the more you have the chance to gain meaning in ‘sponsorship land’. Don’t worry I am not going to promote lipsticks and fashion brands. But finding a suitable sponsor to help increase the capacity to carry my project without wanting to change ‘the soul’ too much, is high on my list. Find my social media channels below. And if you really want to go a step further please turn on your notifications so that you are the first to find out about any new posts, videos or updates. A comment underneath my posts, a shout out or sharing them is much appreciated and it will also help me to beat the algorithms. 


Nowadays all social media channels are controlled by algorithms. They determine whether you will see my new work in you daily feed or not.
To keep me away from becoming a social media ‘slave’ and to avoid the necessity to spend too much time on social media and writing e-mails and blogs to try to break through algorithms and SEO formulae in order to be seen, I decided to communicate with you in a
different way. I am so ready to build up a community of ‘real’ loyal followers of the project and make exclusive and sometimes very personal content available only for them. 
From now on I will share updates and more exclusive content with my followers on Kickstarter and after the campaign comes to an end I will further communicate on Patreon. (You can get a special Kickstarters Backers only subscription) check out my Kickstarter page.  Don’t get me wrong I will stay connected with all my followers (also on my social media channels) but the ones who support me via my crowdfunding pages will definitely get exclusive content, the opportunity to connect with me and I will highlight the deeper aspects of the journey and what’s involved in the filmmaking process.
It’s a win win for all of us. You can enjoy the rewards, updates, specially made content for you and you may find inspiration and even learn something where as I can continue to bring the project to the next level of storytelling by involving local creators to help me. 
By supporting my crowdfunding campaign you can show your gratitude and admiration for my work and give me constructive feedback and you even can become part of the team too.
It’s just a great acknowledgment of my time, effort and bravery to follow my passion and make a difference in this world!